Quality workmanship should see your paint job last 8 to 10 years and we think you would agree that it would pay you to have the job done properly in the first instance. It is hard if you don’t know what to ask for or what you need. 

This is what we provide when we do a quote and it is a good guide to compare this to your other quotes. 

  1. We answer you initial enquiry on the same day
  2. We can visit your site within 48 hours at a time that is convenient to you. Or we can arrange a visit to your property if you do not live locally on the weekends
  3. We have a series of question that help us understand your needs – such as
    • Are you planning interior and/or exterior work?
    • How long since your property was last painted?
    • How long since your property was last washed down?
    • What is your time frame – when would you like to start your project?
    • Are you thinking of changing the colour? Would you like some help with colour selection or we can organise a qualified colour consultant if you would like as part of our quote?
    • Are you doing any other works/renovations, we can recommend competent local trades people if you like?
    • Do you have any requests regarding the paint we will use?
    • Are you currently living here so we can plan the best way to access your property?
    • Is it okay to start at 7am?
    • How would you like your quote – email, presented posted?
    • Would you like the project broken into stages?
    • Would you prefer to be here when we work? We are happy to work around you or liaise with your security company to get the job done
  4. We will provide you your quote within 5 days of the initial site visit unless further information is required and if this is the case we will keep you informed of the process
  5. We can email, post or present your quote in person – what ever is your preference
  6. We will follow up with a phone call to see you received the quote and if you have any further questions. We will provide any amendments or variations to the quote as requested promptly
  7. If you accept our quote we will organize a start time and keep in contact with you

There are also a series of questions you should ask when you have obtain a quotation from another painter.

Who will be responsible should something go wrong?

Peninsula Superior Painters answer- I have been painting on the Peninsula for over 30 years and value the work that I do.  My personal motto is “we just do it right”. I provide my personal guarantee if there is a problem I will fix it, I am not finished until the customer is happy.”

What variations are likely to occur and at what additional cost

Peninsula Superior Painters answer – We provide you with a professional written quote that highlights inclusions, exclusions and paint specifications. There will be no surprises.

What is the brand of paint they intend to use, is it the manufacturer’s best product and what performance guarantee does the manufacturer provide?

Peninsula Superior Painters answer – We use only the best materials available, nothing else will stand our harsh environment. Ultra premium paint is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer.   We will also provide you with a record of the paint type and colours used so next time you can match exactly.

Who will be completing your job, and what experience and quality standards, are they working to?

Peninsula Superior Painters answer – Every member of my team is a fully qualified professional painter with many years experience, they are trained to offer a high quality service with a commitment to ‘customer satisfaction’. We do not sub-contract out our work. We have written quality standards that exceed the Australian standards and this is directly supervised to ensure all our quality standards are met.  

Do they have current public liability insurance, Work Cover and to what level?

Peninsula Superior Painters answer – For your protection we maintain a complete and comprehensive insurance cover in the event of something unplanned happening. We are happy to provide any certificates you require.  We have a comprehensive health and safety program, complying with all government regulations.