Did you know you should wash down your house every year?

You should inspect the exterior for signs of deterioration annually.

Did you know Peninsula Superior Painters will do this for you?

Our wonderful Peninsula sits between two salt baths, the bay and the ocean.  When you combine this with wind, sand and soil you begin to realise what an incredibly harsh environment the exterior paintwork of your house is up against.

An annual wash down from Peninsula Superior Painters is a simple yet affective way of slowing down that deterioration process while picking up any other problems that may be occurring.  It can extend the life of your paintwork and help you save money and look great all year round.

Peninsula Superior Painters Maintenance Program – Join the program and each year we will do a fully wash down including any decking, paving or outdoor furniture, a full inspection of your property and follow up with a written report and a list of recommendations. We organize it all. 

If you want a Superior Paint Finish that will stand up to the elements, give us a call, and we will set you up with one of our Specialised Maintenance programs.